The 25 Days of Hibachi

“It’s cool to get food thrown at you.”

Hello old friends!

It is I: Tori, beautiful angel, person whose breath always smells good, owner of a phat ass & uneven eyebrows, your friend who owes you $50, etc.

Not much has changed since we’ve last spoken. Things are still bad and I am still sad! Ha! What a goofy silly world we live in. Love it!!!

Today I’m here to get us all in the holiday spirit and talk about something that holds a special place in my heart: going out to eat at hibachi restaurants.

My 29th birthday is approaching and when posed with the question of how I want to celebrate, I could not think of anything more appropriate to kick off the wind-down of your 20s than going to a restaurant where various proteins and vegetables are cooked live on a flat top griddle in front of me. And occasionally thrown in my face. Dinner and a show!

I can’t remember the last time I hibachi-ed. It was definitely before COVID and maybe was when I was still in high school?? I can’t remember being old enough to drink at hibachi but I would LOVE to!!

If you’re my friends and you’re reading this (chances are you are), you know I’m serious. It’s like the time I said I wanted to spend my birthday at one of those trampoline parks for energetic children. What can I say, I’m a #Sagittarius who loves adventure. It was exhausting but fun and only one of us in the group sustained a potentially lifelong injury.

So, COVID willing, me and my girls will be rolling up to a suburb next month and will take our positions around the square high-tops for ginger salad dressing and flying shrimps. It’s gonna be so fun!!! Yay!

But, wait…Tori…what the hell is the 25 Days of Hibachi??

I’m glad you asked.

The 25 Days of Hibachi is a movement, a celebration, a countdown to my actual birthday. It’s loosely inspired by an advent calendar (religion) and ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas/Halloween/Harry Potter movies (another type of religion). I think my friend Jenna made it up because we were joking that we should eat hibachi every day for a month. Obviously, eating hibachi for an entire month would get expensive and would likely put me at some concerning sodium levels, so we’re more just living these days embodying the spirit of hibachi and the joy it brings us all.

Some highlights of the first 8 days / things with “BHE” (Big Hibachi Energy):

  • Calling every method of cooking “hibachi”

“Cooking eggs is hibachi.” – Jenna

  • Seeing hibachi everywhere I go. It’s like when your friend gets a red Honda Civic and then you suddenly start seeing red Civics everywhere. Apparently this works with hibachi too.

  • Making returns at Nordstrom Rack (x2) – Idk Nordstrom Rack just has the same vibe as an onion volcano
  • Lindsay’s friendgiving mashed potatoes with 2 sticks of butter – decadent, delicious, someone else cooking for me
  • Jen Shah’s arrest episode – Girls trip, family drama, strip mall – BHE!!!!
  • Hibachi is not really hibachi – I googled this today and “hibachi” means “fire bowl” and is traditionally a type of Japanese urn used to heat a room/area with charcoal and ash. A small charcoal grill you might think is hibachi is really shichirin, and the flat-top griddles we’re used to in North American “hibachi” restaurants are actually teppan grills. This also reminded me of when Ariana Grande tried to get “7 rings” tattooed and got the characters for shichirin, the small BBQ grills, instead.
  • Baking dinner rolls from scratch – unnecessarily being extra but like in a cool way!
  • Reminiscing about old hibachi moments – Like the time the hibachi chef wanted to throw a ball of fried rice for me to catch in my mouth and I said no because it seemed too hard to catch but he still threw it and it hit me in the eye and everyone laughed 🙂

This is just a sampling of all of the incredible hibachi-style moments I’ve experienced this past week+1.

Now I’ve gotta go heat up my dinner soup (different than my lunch soup), so I’ll leave you all with this:

I hope you find it in your hearts this holiday season to practice your own version of the 25 Days of Hibachi. As you embark on this journey, be sure to take a moment and remember what REALLY matters. It’s the opportunities that are tossed your way unexpectedly (like a hunk of steak), it’s the fire that fuels your passion (onion volcano), it’s the friends you meet along the way (the strangers sitting with you at the table).

❤ sorry if this is annoying I actually don’t care at all about my birthday but my wish is to get a boyfriend 🙂

xoxo TORI

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