Musings on Soup

Author’s note: This is the last time I’m going to acknowledge starting up the ol blog again after a million months of nothing. Going forward I’m gonna jump right in and pretend I’m someone who’s good at committing to projects!


Tis the season to stick your face in a big bowl of hot liquid and think to yourself “does bathwater count as human broth?”

Today we’re talking all things soup, kids. I’ve asked the smartest people I know to chime in on the matter, since my soup knowledge and opinions are fairly limited AND I always burn my tongue on the first slurp-bite.

So here’s a little bit of what I have to say about soup, and a lotta bit of what others have to say soup-wise.

Me on Soup

Soup is good but sometimes I don’t think it’s filling enough to constitute a meal – I’ll think a small cup will be enough for lunch but then I’m hungry an hour later (might just be a personal problem). Also why is it so expensive? A tiny cup of Chicken Tortilla at the Whole Foods hot bar is like $4 and I know they just dumped it from a big soup bag. I’m a sucker. A soup sucker 😦

In the before times, I would spring for a tomato feta cup of soup at Pret and would eat it with the cute lil Pret roll and that was nice. Once I made the mistake of looking up the ingredients and the sodium count was…concerning. Don’t look it up 🙂

Other soups of note:

  • Trader Joe’s sells “Cuisine Adventures” frozen French onion soups – these big brown ice cubes microwave up real nice in 5 min. Has cheese n lil croutons. Apparently you can put it in the oven for 45 min (???) for a real luxury soup experience and the cheese will brown/bubble on top, but if I’m committing an hour to reheating frozen soup someone please plug in my bedazzler because I need a hobby!!!
(Bedazzling hobby). Also reed diffuser I found on the side of the road.
  • Alison Roman’s PLS (Potato Leek Soup) – I made this last week even though I don’t really like potato in soups and I did enjoy it! I added pancetta on top which I think gave it a nice good salty crunch. She wouldn’t shut up about dill in her novella of a recipe but I will admit the dill added something nice so I’ll give her this one.
Ok this wasn’t the prettiest and it doesn’t show the cute lil dollop of daisy I finished with but whatever I always start eating before I take a pic sry
  • Chicken noodle – sick soup. Preferably homemade but I guess Campbell’s with the sawdusty chicken chunks will work too in a pinch.
  • Fancy ramen from a ramen place – maybe my favorite of all soups. Love the noodles, love the spicy, love when there’s ground pork on top. I slurp and hold chopsticks incorrectly and get little dribbles on my shirt. My pee is neon the next day which again might just be me (anyone a doctor here?) but it’s a nice little reminder of what once was a delicious dinner.

Others on Soup

Sister on soup:

Last week I was talking about potentially making the Alison Roman soup and my sister said, “Well, it is soup season.” and I said “Oh, because it’s cold.” and she said “No, like being sick.” and I said “Oh, like because of pandemic.” and she was like “No.” and I said “Hmm Ok”. This was odd because neither of us are sick. I feel like she knows something I don’t know.

My mom on soup:

My friend who loves chili on soup:

A friend who replied to my Instagram story selfie on soup:

Maya on soup:

Soup should feel like a warm hug, which makes it the perfect COVID food because it’s the next best thing to human touch.

-My friend Maya

A Tik Tok-er on soup:

Ok that’s all I’ve got on soup for yas today. New posts coming soon! Stay tuned! Buy a bidet!

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