How to Throw a Fiesta When it’s Snowing But You’re Also Dead Inside

Alternate title: Making Tacos, but also Memories

Egglets I’m so sorry! I’m the worst mother hen in the world.

I know I said I was bad about posting that one time because of my stressful move but it appears as though I can be bad about posting for literally no reason at all! Who woulda thought!

Anyway I’m back and just as wild n crazy as ever.

Today we had an early dismissal because it started raining at 2 pm. Sometimes DC is nutty like that! I kept telling the fam I would cook this week but life keeps getting in the way (stressed, depressed, etc). I figured I’d be off the hook for the “asian fusion” I promised for tonight’s meal since I came straight home and didn’t make it to TJ’s for seven different types of vinegar and oil and specialty elixirs. Why don’t I own sesame oil?????? Tahini!!!!

Anyway, Lindsay came home early too and was all “I want margaritas!” and I was like “ok make ’em” and here we are.


Everyone helped tonight. Lindsay braved the cold and wet for triple sec, Jenna stopped at the store for tortillas, guac, etc., and I spent 10 minutes googling “how to use a cast iron skillet.” I chopped and cooked the peppers. Our resident Meat Cooker sautéed the sh*t out of some chicken. Jenna curated the playlist (motown-ish but it worked?).

We ate standing up at our island like Carrie Bradshaw so shamefully eats Saltines and jelly in her kitchen.

But I will never buy a Vogue instead of dinner. I would eat the pages of Vogue if it came down to it!!!!!!!!!!!!


We assembly-lined the hell out of this super supper.

me n food

I was 2 margaritas in so my sous chefs helped dish out the #grub into bowls and staged some photos. I think I was looking at my pores in the mirror and saying “I’m so ugly.” Lol!

We ate the tacos n chatted about normal girly things like why Lindsay’s knees get hot when she drinks and why I am a gremlin in photos. Good dinner convos if you ask me.

At some point Jenna starts teaching herself how to moonwalk. She’s not bad.

But the hottest topic of tonight’s dinner would have to be the Trader Joe’s Chimichurri Rice. Lindsay requested “mexican rice” for Jenna to fetch from the store and this is what we ended up with.

image-1 (2)
I guess this reads less “funny” and more “mean”


Life hack – the rice tastes weird alone (how I ate it) but tastes normal/good when put at the bottom of your taco.

the “rice” of the hour


“You make rice last night?”

“Yea, I made rice last night.”

Lily Drugs/The Lately Blog once said the frozen white rice is good too so we stan TJ’s frozen rice in general except that we feel kinda neutral about chimichurri rice.

Also FYI – the Japanese fried rice Jenna got once because they were out of the regular frozen veggie fried rice is allegedly “kinda spicy but not in a good way” and “not good when your drunk” and tastes “kinda like poop and broccoli.”

I think this is a frozen rice blog now???? Into it! Throw an egg on it, baby! Gourmet as hell!

Anyway, tacos were a hit! Margs were great! I’m somehow writing again so they must’ve lit some fire under me. I think it’s the tequila. #TequilaMakesMeBlog 😦


  • Why can I not watch Veronica Mars anywhere? Do I need to go to the gd public library??? I don’t care that Hulu is launching a new season in three years I WANT TO REWATCH NOW.
  • What do you do with an expired crush on Instagram? Like you don’t want to “unfollow” for fear of “caring” but you also don’t want to “see their shit” but also if they are private then you can never stalk and are you ready to commit to a potential life of no stalk? I’m not gonna re-request to follow!!! But “muting” seems “more aggressive??” I need therapy???
  • What will I ask Tom or Tom if I see either of them at TomTom next week?
  • How the XXL in the Zara dress I wanted did not fit and that feels extremely rude
  • Why do I keep waking up with my hand numb???
  • How Molly Yeh is pregnant and her feed will prob soon have cute baby pics.
  • My outstanding credit card balance 😦
  • How a guy at the bar bought me a shot and then told me he loved me and then went away?? And why this sorta keeps happening??
  • Tony Soprano’s ducks.
  • The line in the dedication of Michelle Obama’s book – “…and finally Barack, who always promised me an interesting journey.”
  • Boiled eggs.

Catch ya next time losers. I LOVE YOU ALL! EGG HEADS UNITE!





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