Cooking for Three! (This Blog Post is Not About the Pasta)

Long time no freakin’ blog! Sorry egg-heads. It’s been a wild couple of weeks.

I’ll get you caught up on my v busy life at the end of this because I know you’ve been wondering what the heck I’ve been up to and stressing about.

But the craziest part of all of this and why I’ve actually been MIA is because I’ve moved! I no longer live in the cockroach infested place I called “home” for the past two years. That place was so nasty and now I feel free!

DISCLAIMER: Jenna and I are not gross this was an old building that housed a lot of probably gross people and I don’t know why there were so many bug issues but we are not gross!!!! We were just strapped for ca$h and placed high value in walking to work!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway! We’ve got a hot new place on le Hill and I’m very scared I will bump into not one but TWO(!) Tinder/Bumble ghosts who may or may not live in the neighborhood (full disclosure I accidentally referred to these humans as “exes” in a recent conversation but promptly walked off a cliff so we good).

Anyway anyway! My long time Domestic Partner in Crime and I have #upgraded!!! Not only do we BOTH have bedrooms with DOORS(!!!!) we have an extra bedroom that another human is living in! It’s my sister! Lindsay recently moved to DC for a job or according to Prashant, “to get her MBA” (this is simply not true).

So our Dynamic Duo is now a Totally Awesome Trio! With this comes a lot of exciting things but I’m a little anxious about scaling my recipes for three. “Recipes” is a loose term of course, more like eye-balling for three vs. eye-balling for two. Now I know they don’t expect me to cook, but I like to and I want people to taste test and so on. So whatever people I will make food and you will eat it!!! I’m also nervous all three of us will have to shit at the same time at some point. 

It’s going to be a learning curve but I’m confident I can continue to Broke Yolk and feed my #fam if I stay organized and come up with a strategy.  So my strategy will be the following:

  • just make more food?

I’m excited! We have a freakin’ island in the kitchen!!! So much counter space! Things are looking up.


I made this BA Basically pomodoro which I’m getting kinda good at. It’s so yummy and warm and makes me wanna cuddle up with my imaginary boyfriend who is made of noodles.

Follow their recipe-ish and you’ll be fine. Don’t forget the butter at the end. Never forget the butter.

Good pasta


Good things!

  • Jenna got us a bottle of mezcal for the house/for my bday! I will DIY $14 cocktails!!!
  • In-unit washer and dryer baby!!!!
  • Didn’t hook up with a toothless comedian this weekend (again)
  • Lindsay got us Christmas stockings to decorate and put boxes of tissues in every room!
  • NESPRESSO! And milk frother! Thanks mom 🙂

Less-good things!

  • Finally got a DC license but now I have a piece of paper for an ID for the next 10-15 business days – catch me at the clurb with my print out
  • Invited a guy over to kiss but apparently one state over is too “far away”
  • Our internet only works in like one square foot of the apartment and there’s “nothing” they can do?

Jury is still out on these bad boys!

  • Barstools! We need ’em but where do you get them? How do you know if they’ll make your butt hurt? SOS. My sister keeps saying the words “Facebook Marketplace” but that sounds like a sex trafficking hub.
  • Christmas! Fun holiday spirit but I’m not buying a lot of presents this year due to no time and no money. At my dad’s we have a lot of champagne on Christmas day and I will IMBIBE and live tweet the madness.
  • Not walking to work anymore. I’m getting more reading done on the bus and metro but I miss my 20 min walking commute!!!!!!! Maybe I’ll make bus friends. Bus enemies?

All in all things are looking up! I’m ready to go back to PA for some Wings To Go and very strong eggnog. My mom has been jazzin’ up the nog with the same nutmeg for 15 years. I love a good #tradition.

Happy Monday friends!!!


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