The Super Fake Sweet Potato Hash

Hi friends!

Can you believe we’re almost to the weekend?!!!!!!!! Hell to the yes. I’m gonna celebrate by butt chugging the half-gallon of oat milk in my fridge before it goes bad!*

This has been A WEEK amirite. Prob because of Thanksgiving next week. Good vibes to all my loyal readers who have to go home and spend the holidays with Politically Active Facebook Aunts and Uncles. I plan on silently protesting by drinking a lot of Woodbridge Pinot Grigio and eating all of the cucumbers on the veggie tray.

I never eat sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving because I think my family makes ones from a can(?) and I am simply Not Interested.

What I am Very Interested in is eating sweet potatoes all the damn time! They are delicious and nutritious! They roast up reaaaaal nice when you don’t forget about them and accidentally burn the bottoms 😦

This super fake sweet potato hash is easy and yummy and not at all Thanksgiving-y but that’s ok because sometimes Thanksgiving is not that fun! Turkey sucks! Can’t wait to burn down a garage one day trying to deep fry one after I crush 12 Miller Lites playing Beerio Cart with my nephews (being able to see into the future is both a gift and a CURSE).


Chop up the Sweets, toss in a bowl with SPOG and olive oil and put in a SINGLE LAYER!!!! on a sheet pan (all real food bloggers stress the single layer tip so I do too ok). I cut up some red onion and half of a red pepper and added those because #health and #flavor.

Roast at 400ish? for 30ish? flipping the Sweets half way through.

Fry 2 eggs, slice half an avocado and try to artfully drizzle Nando’s hot sauce over it all but fail miserably. Put on a plate because you think it’ll photograph better and instantly regret it #BowlOrientedThat’s it!!!!!!!!!! Food ready to eat!

Look at those beautiful fat hot sauce drops :’)

I want to continue to entertain and educate you all but my brain is fried like the deep-fried turkey of my future. I’ve had way too much screen time this week! Gotta decompress and lay on the carpet for a while and disassociate.

Catch ya next time!


*mom no I will not actually butt chug please don’t google it again


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