The Broke Yolk is Whatever I Want it to be Goddammit

Welcome to my NEW and FRESH “blog” called The Broke Yolk.

TBQuiteHonest I don’t really know what a blog is or what it’s supposed to be. I mean I know one when I see one but like… do I know if I’m doing it right?

I want to equate it to how I don’t know if there’s a difference between laywer and attorney but I don’t think that would work either.

ANYWAY. This “blog” is going to be a place where I can come and scream into a much more curated void and hope you can maybe take a look at some of the food I like to cook and eat.


So why The ~Broke~ ~Yolk~??? Glad you asked. It came to me in a fever dream. A drunken cab ride home. The line at Trader Joes. JK not sure where it came from but I knew after years of telling people I was going to make a “grain bowl blog” or a blog called “sad girl gourmet” it was time to do something. So here we are.

Here’s why I think TBY is the right fit for moi:

Ways I am broke:

  • not a lot of money (YET – will find cash in floor boards v soon)
  • sad/brain is messed up
  • unable to love??? sometimes puppies don’t make me happy idk
  • wildly unspecialized in anything

Ways I am yolk:

  • eat lot of eggs
  • can be hard (mean), runny (allergies), jammy (dancin after a couple dranks), fragile (crying at reruns of “Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding”)
  • not scared of bad cholesterol like a big baby
  • sometimes people throw me away without giving me a chance!!!!!!!!!!
  • vibrant and rich (yes one day I will be rich)

If that’s not convincing enough I don’t know what to tell you, you stinkin’ loser freak. I am a beautiful wonderful egg and you should be lucky to be invited to my party!! There are gift bags with Soul Cycle vouchers in them! JK I’ve never been to Soul Cycle but I did do a spin class once at LA Fitness in Pennsylvania and almost barfed hehe.

Anywho, feel free to tag along on this weird and wild adventure and get to know the REAL me goddammit. The me who hates doing the dishes!!!! And is relatively neutral about bourbon. And is going to surpass her Goodreads goal for the year! She’s great.

More to come!


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